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Q: Why did you create

A: I created the first site in 1999 because I wanted to give the many internet users the opportunity to obtain free guidance. The www is a medium that allows people to travel the world without leaving their home. Many people are turning towards their computer or smart phone instead of tackling life face to face anymore. Email, texting and social media have created a very impersonal method of communicating and there are so many functions that the www can now provide that once you would leave your house to carry out. I am concerned with this trend. This site can now touch the lives of people who are struggling with life and give them the opportunity to see a brighter future. Everyone should be given an opportunity for free help and guidance, this site is my way of reaching out to help others.

Q: In the many pages of this site you mention the 'big picture' please explain.

A: To explain this I must give you some background on myself. When I was nine years old I had an experience that I was unable to explain, from this I had a burning desire to gain knowledge and the answers about the unknown and all the questions about life. Over time I had various experiences that supported a belief that there is another part to life that we are unable to see. I studied Mediumship and also Chironic Healing (a form of spiritual healing) and have been practising every day since, working with spirit. From my studies and various workshops I have gained an understanding about life. From this awakening you start to understand things not just for how they seem on the physical level but on all levels. The "big picture" is the spiritual world, physical world and the truth that makes everything work. The laws and the truth are what makes the big picture exist and operate the way it does. When you learn the truth you can see and understand everything. Every action is perfect even though to you it might seem unfair. There are laws in force that govern everything and this is why I just mention the big picture without going into detail.

Q: What type of experiences made you see this 'big picture'?

A: It was a number of experiences but the main one was when I was healed by a spiritual healer who had not touched me, physically. I had an infection I was unable to control and had other complaints I had put up with for my whole life, they disappeared overnight after the healing. From this experience I was driven to learn and understand the principles behind the healing that took place. I had seen spirit on a number of occasions and I have worked with many clairvoyants over the years and from these associations, information was made available to me that was proof of survival and the existence of the spirit realm. Living life now is the experience.

Q: How long have you been working in this area for and why should I believe what is written?

A: I have been learning and studying in this field for over 30 years. I actively apply my abilities, being of service as a spiritual counsellor and healer.

As to the point about belief, you choose to believe what you want to believe and you must accept that until you have your life working perfectly in all aspects then you must question your beliefs / actions and in that process, open your mind to new beliefs and learning from the experiences that come into your life. I am not trying to force or promote incorrect information because that would work against me and the universal truth. I want to help and this is my only motivation.

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