You can have abundance

I want more money.

Why am I always struggling to make ends meet in my life?

Why are people always taking or borrowing money from me?

Whatever money I earn I spend.

I have so much debt and I don't know how to get out of it.

I have tried so hard to become wealthy but I always fail.

If you can relate to these statements then it is now time to change.

Money is one of those things that we all need because we have created a society that revolves around it. If you don't have enough then you feel that you are disadvantaged or inadequate and if you have a lot then you feel satisfied and powerful . There is one thing that I will mention straight away and it is that money will not buy love and is not the answer. In fact when you realise that money is not the answer your life will begin to change. Society believes that having money makes you a successful person. The first step is to question your beliefs. Money no matter how much you earn you will not bring happiness because you can be very happy without a lot of money once you have the right beliefs. If you are motivated for the right reasons, money will come into you life easily but if you are carrying out activities that are wrong then as soon as the money comes in it will be taken away. You need to question your motives and endeavours and seriously consider the outcome of your desires. Right reasons will equal right results.

Providing service to others and being honest and caring in its delivery is a good start. Gambling and inappropriate activity relating to money is the opposite end to the right way to attracting the right rewards into your life. Money does not discriminate and must be treated with respect like everything. Never take anything for granted and this includes money.

If you are forever giving money away or lending it to others who you deep down know are just taking advantage of you or who never pay the money back then maybe you need to learn how to say 'no'. It is hard to say 'no' initially but you must learn it because no matter how much money that comes into your life there will always be people taking advantage of you not being able to say “no”. Remember that you must not sacrifice yourself for others and this also means your rewards in life. Learning to say 'no' is part of you becoming stronger within yourself and that is very important because you are expressing yourself and this is what life is all about. To repress yourself and to be what others want you to be is being a slave; others having control over your freedom. I know it is hard to stand up but the rewards are worth it. Anyone can be a doormat so it is now time to hold onto what is rightfully yours and say 'no'.

Looking at your beliefs is the other consideration you need to reassess because I know many people who believe they will be poor like their parents and because of that belief they are unable to attract money into their lives. This is a belief that may be carried throughout their life and really you could attract into their life as much money as you want if only you change your beliefs. If you believe you will be successful then that is a good start because you will remove the barriers that will stop the money from flowing into your life. It is important to be positive and not negative because you will create or stop wealth coming into your life. This applies to love as well so remember that you must believe in the success that is to come for it to become a reality. No matter how bad life is treating you at the moment and how much money you have you are able to attract money into your life. Remember there is enough money in this world to make everyone happy, it is the imbalance that unfortunately has created a gap that separates us from the rich and the poor. There needs to be a balance and that balance is what you need to achieve. In life you should not put all your focus or value on money because you will be disappointed and the only way you will be happy is the love that you will give and find. Money is just a man-made requirement that unfortunately has made us all need and want it to survive.

It is now time to seriously look at your values. If you have debt then you need to look at how it was created and the reasons behind it. There are lessons to be learnt and it is now time to look at your experiences with money and try to change. Money may be hard to come into your life but try to see the situation that will not allow it to come . There are many examples but I think we should keep this very general. If you find it hard to see the answers to your experiences then take a close look at previous experiences and see if you can see a pattern. This will possibly show you where you are going wrong. If you change your beliefs and remove the importance of obtaining money then money will flow into your life because there are right reasons for its application. There are lessons to be learnt and it is time to try to understand what you need to learn so you can move into a period in your life of abundance and not poverty. Once you realise that money is not the answer then money will come. To give you a few hints as to why you may have money problems look at what greed has created in our life and jealousy. They all motivate us to attract and create money into our life for the wrong reasons. Stealing money is another example that shows the wrong reasons. Take a look at yourself and change your beliefs and values.

If you feel that success is beyond your reach then how do you think you will ever be successful? Dissolve the barriers that hinder your true destiny. Everything is a reflection of what you believe you deserve so now is the time to change your beliefs and move forward into a positive future. You deserve the best.