It’s how you deal with it

I could not believe it but I was dumped.

She said no.

They didn't want me after all that effort.

I was sure that it was meant to be.

We were made for each other.

I did not get the job.

Life is a learning experience; look at your outcomes in life and learn and grow from them. Turn what you believe to be a negative outcome and start to look at it in a positive way.

It is unfortunate that we all at some point in time have to suffer rejection. If it is someone you admire or love then it can be quite confusing and hurtful as well. To be rejected is not a failure and should not be treated so. If you believe that a particular person or achievement should be obtained and it does not happen there are reasons for the outcome. This is not to say you should give up trying to achieve your goals in life but in fact you should continue to try with the new understanding that you now have from the lessons learnt. Even though you were so sure it would work out, the other person might not have been ready. They might not have seen you or appreciated your qualities that you could see, so it is best to accept the outcome and not feel hurt, that they moved on or pushed you away. This is not to say that you should give up but it just means you need to learn and in future try again. There are exceptions, where you may not see or be able to understand the whole picture but you will know when it is time to move on. If you tried so hard to make it happen it would still probably not have worked out because the other person could not see the truth within you. If both parties or people are ready then it will happen so don't try to force an outcome when deep down you believe it should work out. I am probably describing rejection here on a personal level but you could apply the same to your work achievements as well. It is all a matter of being right within yourself to receive the right rewards in life. Patience is definitely a lesson to be learnt and you must also understand that even though you are certain within yourself, there are other factors that you are not seeing that are affecting the decisions other people make. Take a step back from the situation you are in and try to see the situation from the other persons’ points of view. Everyone has different beliefs and values and that has a contributing influence on the outcome.

Rejection should not stop you from pursuing your goals and dreams but should be seen as a learning experience that you can grow from so that next time the opportunity comes up you may be rewarded for your patience, understanding and acceptance of others. You cannot force an outcome no matter how hard you try. You may think you have achieved your goal but the outcome will be short lived. Allow the experience to flow and be understanding in whatever the outcome. Never take anything for granted especially an outcome that you truly do not have any control over. Listen to the other person and be understanding, for they see things differently from their different life experiences. Accept rejection and move on. Do not punish yourself with the 'what if' or 'If only' questions. At the time, what you did was what you thought was right . You may see things differently now but you cannot punish yourself . Acknowledge within yourself that you have grown and that in future you will be more accepting of the outcome no matter how difficult it may be to come to terms with. Learn to love yourself, your good points and even your bad points. Continue on in life and do not stop yourself from experiencing similar experiences that previously caused hurt by being rejected. Remember it is yourself that creates the rejection by putting great expectations on yourself and others in your life. Take away the pressure and high expectations and you will start to remove the possibility of rejection. It is yourself that creates the situation that leads to the hurt. Be accepting and understanding and allow the natural flow of life to take its course.

Rejection is not failure but an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. Let go of the hurt and don't punish yourself for your actions. You are on a journey that you must learn and grow from every step you take. It is time to move forward into a positive future.