Crying is cleansing

This is a natural feeling that should be expressed. It may be a loss of a friend or a death in the family or you may just feel sad about life in general. It does not matter because it is being in tune with yourself that allows sadness to flow. To be sad allows you to move forward for it is with compassion that you sadden. Without understanding the whole picture there is purpose in all actions and events in our life. We are not able to control the outcome and we cannot possess anyone or anything no matter how much we love them. There is a very big picture that unfortunately you are not able to see at the moment so you need to accept what has happened and at the same time rejoice the time you had or shared with that special person or special object. You cannot blame yourself for what happened. Allow the tears to flow and release the sadness but also remember the past and rejoice because those thoughts are never lost. Let go slowly and allow your life to move on.