Love today

This is one of the hardest experiences we all have to face in our lives and it is understandably the most difficult to come to terms with. If it is a loved one or you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness it does not matter we all have to face it. No one can avoid death.

It has always been a very difficult topic to discuss and there are many religions with many explanations. I would like to explain it in a simple and concise way:

A baby is born which is an expression of love between two people. From the first breath the baby is absorbing energy and growing. The body is sustained from energy provided by physical food, the air we breath and love from its parents. You eat the food and the food becomes a part of you. Nutrition and energy comes from the food and allows the body to function. Your mind grows and you are always in thought and a thought cannot be physically measured (yet) but is expressed by the physical body by its actions (talking, body action…etc.). The body grows old and the mind finds it harder to express itself. The body fails and death occurs. The body breaks down and becomes soil.

If we look at this simplistic example we can see two features that make our existence possible.

Love and physical nutrition ( all energy), one being non physical and the other physical. The physical aspect of our existence is our body and what it touches and eats; the non physical part is what it thinks, its emotions feeling sad, happy, love…etc. The physical body was never made by our creator to last forever and you must accept that but now it is time to look at the non physical part of our existence. What happens to this part? Well that part of you is never lost even if you lose your physical body that once used to express it so well. It moves away from the physical body and into another life almost like letting a bird out of a cage, you are free from the physical body. I do not want to get into too much detail but just to say that death should not be feared. You will be like the birds, free. The energy is transformed.

In many cultures, death is celebrated because they see it as a birth or new beginning and not an end. Death is another part of the cycle which allows us to move from our physical body into the non-physical world.

Do not worry about death, just concentrate on making the most of life and try to be a better person, learning from every experience life offers. Life is precious and can be taken away quickly so it is important to enjoy every day and give as much love as you possibly can to everyone you come in contact with. You must trust that everything has purpose and death is not the end but a new beginning.