Let it go

Can you see what created the guilt in the first place. Look at these examples:

I lied to my best friend.

I cheated.

I did not tell someone what really happened.

I should have said I loved them before they died.

I know I could have achieved that goal but did not see it through.

I should have expressed my feelings when I had the chance.

Not expressing the truth is common to all of these examples.

Guilt is a burden on life that you need to let go of. Do not blame yourself because no matter how many thoughts you try to project towards yourself you can not change the result that created the guilt in the first place. You must realise that the experience that took place was an event that even though you thought you contributed to the result, there were many other actions that allowed the event to take place or not to take place. You can not blame yourself for the event even though your actions may have contributed to the outcome but there are other factors you are not considering that also led to the event. You must learn from your actions and ensure that when and if a similar experience comes along in the future, it will not happen again. Learn to express yourself and to work with the truth.

It is hard not to forget the event that created your guilt but you must acknowledge that it happened and that it was an event that the outcome was not intended but you were not to know, so don't blame yourself. It is best to accept that you may have contributed and move on. If you are able to express your guilt then that is very good because discussing the issue with the person or someone who understands can help release the guilt so you can move on. Quite often the guilt towards the issue is not as bad as you might think. Honesty is the best policy so if you can then discuss it with the person then do it so you can set your mind at ease. If the person is still alive and living in another country it is still worth discussing it or writing to them. Remember that you will benefit tremendously once it is released. To say a simple "sorry" or to say "I always loved you" could be the best release you can imagine, so long as you have expressed it. Write a letter whatever it takes, it is worth it.

To discuss and to apologise for an action that you know created hurt is the best way to release guilt because you have allowed your feelings to flow. If you choose not to discuss the issue then you have a blockage and you will carry that guilt or pain until it is released.

Being open and honest to be able to discuss any issues with people without fear of being hurt is the path that we should all strive for. You will find that it is so much harder to be put in a situation that will create guilt in the future once you start to work with the truth. Once you step into the truth it is so much harder to lie and create the pain and hurt that will lead to guilt that could be carried into old age. It is best to work with the truth and express yourself in life because you will not have any regrets knowing that you expressed what needed to be expressed and the people around you will respect you for being yourself.

If you can live life in the truth then guilt will be dissolved. People respect the truth and if you avoid a particular issue by lying then the other person will realise it and treat you that way. Truth is the answer and to express the truth without any agendas to control or other reasons will always be the answer. True friends will see that you are being open and honest and they will give you an opportunity to explain yourself further. Do not carry the pain of guilt but release it so that you can move forward into a positive future. Carrying guilt about past experiences and events will only hinder your future. Release the past and move forward into a brighter future.