Replace hate with love

Can you relate to any of these:

I hate life -I deserve better.

I hate someone - I expect people to like me.

I hate myself - I should have a better face.

I hate getting old - I want to stay young.

I hate being who I am - Why cant I be like that other person, they have everything.

I hate my job - I deserve better.

To project hate towards yourself and others is very wrong and you must turn the hate into love. In the lines listed above, replace the word hate with the word love:

I love life

I love someone

I love myself

I love getting older

I love being who I am

I love my job

Sounds positive now doesn't it?

The typical hate lines listed above in one’s life form a common pattern for us all. There is one thing I must say and that is to accept who you are and where you are in your life at the moment. It is your beliefs that have created where you are and who you are. Even though you believe you deserve better there are obviously other beliefs that are stopping you from being where you believe you should be. You can change your life and move to where you believe you should be but you must change your beliefs. The job you think you deserve, it may be the wrong time to move into that role because you are not ready. There are reasons for everything and when the time is right, the right experience will come into your life. Being patient and understanding that there are many factors governing your experiences is a lesson to be learnt by many.

Too many people have decided what is right and what looks good and what makes a person successful and happy. You must learn to accept yourself, love yourself and understand that everyone has their own happiness within. Some people can be very content with having nothing because they truly love themselves and do not value physical possessions. They do not value what society believes we should value. Jealously is the result of a false belief. If you change your values you will be more accepting and loving in your life and the hate and jealously that surrounds you will dissolve very quickly. Happiness is there now for you, only if you can learn to be able to see it. Your beliefs make you unhappy. You could have everything in life but you could still be unhappy and hate the person who has love surrounding them and owns nothing.

To accept the processes of life is essential when dealing with ageing and life's experiences. Learning to love all aspects of life is very important. Hate is negative and will only work against you. Every time in the future when a negative hate thought enters your head, replace the word hate with love. Remember you are special and that no matter what you look like or what other people think, you are who you are and that is a special person, different from everyone else. Learn to love, trust, accept and believe in yourself and not what other people think you should believe.