Broken Trust can hurt

He cheated on me, I trusted him with all my heart.

I could not believe it, after all our years of friendship, she stole from me.

I confided in her and she told my best friend. I am so hurt.

My brother cheated me out of my mother’s wishes in her will.

These are examples of broken trust that may have led you to this page...

Trust is so important in everyday activities, from the brake in your car or the pilot that flies the plane and not to mention the mechanic that checked the engine before takeoff. Trust is a risk. We place trust in a lot of people and things every day and don’t even give thought to it, in fact most people take it for granted. Be thankful for the people out there who you don’t get to meet that make your life safe. Think about the trust that was assumed when being raised by your mother. It’s all about responsibility & love. Don’t take trust for granted, give thanks and express it when you have the opportunity. This includes the trust you put in your faith.

Okay, so you have selected Trust to receive guidance about the times we experience broken trust in close relationships. Be aware that it happens to so many people it’s not just you. It’s how you deal with it that makes you grow as a person. Rise above your feelings... possibly: hate, anger, disappointment, fear and revenge and express love towards the person and then the pain associated with it will be dissolved. Sounds easy, no it’s hard because your natural reaction is to shut down the relationship but in fact you should do the opposite and communicate your feelings with love.

Even though what you believe they did was wrong you should still love them. The friendship has changed, accept what has happened and move your thoughts onto positive things. Life is about learning and growing and that should happen when such events take place by all involved. It’s hard to forgive, let go and move forward in the relationship but you should try as this is your pathway to learn and grow from the whole experience. Working through this can make the relationship better than before, so it’s worth the effort if you are prepared to try again.

Finding someone you can trust is very special. It’s important to attract friendships in our lives that you can trust. At times in the development of a close friendship, trust is always an attribute/quality that will allow the relationship/friendship to go deeper. It can take time to build trust but the results are worth it. You feel safe, protected and confident and this allows great sharing of knowledge and wisdom that assists in your life’s journey. Our friendships and relationships are very important in our life’s journey and trust goes a long way to bring out the best in us.

When trust breaks down we fear relationships and can live a very shallow, superficial life. We can stop expressing our feelings, being creative and most importantly being a free spirit.

Being expressive, respectful, loving and true to yourself will allow trusting loving relationships to come into your life.