You are special

You might find it hard to understand why this is in the selection but it is very important. Talent is something that everyone has. It is our ability to bring a talent or talents into the physical that make us very special.

Your definition of talent will be different from mine because talent to me means everything and not just the musicians or artists that the world puts on a pedestal. Mankind has incorrectly defined talent and is now overlooking equal ability within everyone to instead focus on those who can attract the biggest crowds and make the most money.

Where the problem lies is when you are not able to identify the particular talent that you are able to bring through. You will feel lost and you feel that you don't know what you should be doing in your life. Feeling lost and not being content are signs that you are yet to discover your particular ability and how it is to be of service to the world. Do not worry because it is very hard to stop talent from being expressed and you will see signs of what you are good at or other people will point them out to you. You may not appreciate the ability because you have taken it for granted for so long but it is important to work with that ability or talent in the future. It is your ability and it must be expressed. You may find it so easy and natural to carry out the task but for others they could not even be able to consider the task so you must learn to love the ability and use it in the future. Even if you incorporate it into your work environment you are still able to express it and that is important.

Everyone has ability or talent, from the quadriplegic in the wheelchair right through to a blind man. Society may not value the ability but it is still very important to the world. Unfortunately mankind’s definition of talent revolves around artists, musicians and other people but everyone has talent in a particular area; it is just that mankind does not value it. Find your ability and talent and work with it because you will all of a sudden feel at one with yourself and feel content. Life will start to flow again and things will start to work out that previously only kept failing. Expressing yourself and being who you are and not what others want you to be is the answer. Don't fear your talent, love it and develop it further. It is special and you need to express it.

To suppress your abilities and talents will lead to pain because you will stop the natural flow of life and block a special energy that is just waiting to come through into the physical. Love yourself and your abilities.