Wasted mental energy

I am jealous of someone else and what they have achieved.

Why be jealous when you too can achieve the same, if only you allowed yourself to open your mind to achieve the same. You too can have true love, a good job and everything your heart desires, it is just a matter of trusting and believing in yourself to allow what you deserve to come into your life. Do not limit yourself and try to be understanding of the unseen processes of life. There are many factors that you will not see but you just have to accept that it might not have been the right time. When you are ready it will come to you easier than expected because the natural flow of life allows right experiences to come to the right people in the right time.

You can spend as much time as you want thinking about it but it will not change the event that caused the jealously in the first place. Being jealous will not help but will hinder you in the future. Your thoughts should be put into more positive areas by learning from that experience so that you too can achieve the same if not better in the future. You must learn to accept and move on and not dwell on the past because it is the past and you are now in a different time and place so it is not worth holding onto.

Why be jealous of someone when you can still achieve your goal in the future, it is yourself that will stop and block what you rightfully deserve. Take some time to dissolve the jealously and move on. If you saw something you liked but was unable to achieve it then learn from the last experience so that in future, next time it comes along you will be able to achieve it. Previously it might not have been the right time or it was better that the other person receive the reward, it does not matter. Accept and do not dwell on it, move on and concentrate on the next goal and how you will be able to achieve it and not how you missed out.

You should not be jealous of others and their achievements because it is you that should be concentrating on being yourself. You should review your values and what you really want in life. It is all there for you and it is just a matter of having right thought and right action and it is yours. Don't worry or concern yourself with other people’s actions, it is yours you should be concentrating on. Let go of the negative thoughts that will only hold you back and move into a positive future with everything within your reach.