The shadow in each of us is not to be feared

Fear is a common recurring emotion which if viewed in the right light can indeed protect us from harm, motivate us and warn us that something is not right (a basic instinct). Fear allows you to develop your character. When we deal with our fear we become more flexible and versatile within ourself and also our experiences. Some fear is a self-destructive emotion. Apart from the fear that protects us from causing physical harm to ourself or others, let’s now look at fears we know deep down that we can dissolve.

Common fear - Wrong belief to cause fear

Fear of death - What I don't understand I fear.

Fear of loss - I possess objects and people.

Fear of the unknown outcome - I want to control outcomes and people.

Fear of the truth - The truth about myself is what I fear.

Fear of being loved - I don't love myself and I don't deserve love from another.

Fear of another person - I believe other people are better and more powerful than me.

Fear of rejection - I can be hurt.

Fear of confrontation - People should believe what I believe (control).

These are just some examples that we often face in our lives and unfortunately we spend far too much time worrying about things that we should not worry about because there is no need to worry about things we have no control over and what's more, may never happen. When and if they do happen it is never as bad as you thought it was going to be in the first place. You have to remind yourself that most fear is taught and that if you learn the truth you will see that there is nothing to fear. If you look at the common fears listed above you will see one thing in common and it is that we want to be able to control and understand everything. The sooner you realise that we will never be able to do so, the better. You have to accept that life is precious and could be taken away at any time and we must do the best we can in the circumstances and events that are presented to us in our lives.

Fear is one of the most negative thoughts that holds us back from truly being who we should be in our life and what we truly should be experiencing. Everyone has fears that impact on our experiences and it is natural to experience fear. The way to overcome fear is to understand your fears and deal with them in a positive manner. Fear also affects those around us because our actions will avoid what we fear. If the problem that you are presently facing is related to fear then you need to truly understand yourself and why that fear surrounds you. It may be that a childhood experience has had an impact on your life or a friend or relative taught you to fear certain things, there is a reason for that fear and it is time to look for it. Did someone play a trick or prank on you when you were small and lock you in a cupboard or put a spider in your bed? These are a couple of examples of how phobias can develop. If fear paralyses you it is important to remember to move around (even if it means walking around in a confined space).

The fear that you feel is created by yourself and it is that mechanism that will stop you experiencing new beginnings and moving on in your life. Fear is also your protection mechanism. When you are happy you feel happiness, that is created by yourself because you believe that you deserve to be and feel happy. The same is with sadness. Fear is another feeling created by yourself and as easily as you believe that you have nothing to fear then the fear will be dissolved and you can move forward in a positive direction.

It is time to look at what you fear and work out why. Quite often it is not as bad as you think and once you move into the experience it is nothing like what you expected. If you trust the processes of life and feel protected then you have nothing to fear. Whatever the outcome you will learn and grow as that experience will form another chapter in your life, one which you grow from. You must also remember that whatever happens, the experience you are confronted with is an experience that you are capable of managing. It is what you believe that will create the daunting task ahead of you that you fear. Look at what you fear and break it down into manageable bite sized pieces and then all of a sudden it is not as bad as you first thought. Talk to a friend about what you fear because they will also help you to understand and dissolve your fears. It is not as bad as you think and as quick as you created the fear it can be dissolved as easily once you can see the road ahead is safe.

If you are unable to understand a particular fear but have noticed a particular experience that is common when experiencing the fear then you don't need to worry about gaining an understanding because there is a reason but it is no longer important. To overcome such a situation you should affirm in your head that you have nothing to fear. Move into the experience affirming that you have nothing to fear and maintain the thought. The fear will dissolve. Repeat if the same feelings come back. In time you will no longer need to do this because the fear will have been dissolved. This method of overcoming fear is very good for all situations that you feel uncomfortable about. You don't need to know the reason but you know there is something you feel unsure about. Try this method if you have to confront someone you fear. The discussion will change from the way you thought it was going to be in the first place.

To feel fear is normal for everyone because once you dissolve the fear you become a stronger person ready for the next experience in your life. Remember it is your belief that creates the fear so you can change your belief by becoming more in tune to these feelings and learn to understand yourself to conquer what you will soon discover to be wrong beliefs. Learn to free the fear within you.