It’s time to stop and change

Selecting this guide is very positive because you now know that what you had done was wrong. To sin is to know that your actions were wrong. There is no need to look at detail about the event because deep down you know that what you have done was very bad and wrong. At the time you might not have realised the reactions from others or that what you had done was wrong but you now know that it was wrong and that is a good start.

With knowledge comes responsibility so that in future you must not repeat the wrongs of the past. It is now time to release the negative past and move into a positive future without punishing yourself for the past. You must respect that at that point in time you sinned in the past, it was a time when maybe you did not care or was influenced by others. Or if you are considering doing something that deep down you believe to be wrong then trust your feelings and don't proceed. Later on you will discover that your feelings were right. Remember for every action there is a reaction , consider the consequences.

Don't punish yourself for what you have done, realise the mistake and make sure that it never happens again in the future. You are learning all the time with every experience that life offers so move on. People around you might not understand or realise the truth behind the event but they too must allow people to move on and learn from their mistakes.

If you continue to repeat what you know is wrong then you are creating a pattern that will be dealt with in the future. The pain associated with such actions will lead you down a negative path. It is time to stop and change your ways.