Express your feelings

Examples that cause grief:

Death of a child

Loss of a family member

Drug overdose


Car accident


Plane crash


Deep and Intense sorrow/distress is caused when something happens suddenly and was tragically unexpected. If you have just experienced a tragic event then I do understand what you are going through. It is very hard to understand the reason and no matter how hard you try to understand it is best to deal and manage with the outcome. There are lessons to be learnt but do not put pressure on yourself to find or understand them now. It is time to find your inner strength and not to try to punish others. Do not bottle up your grief and sadness let your feelings flow through conversation and tears. It is ok to say "It is not fair" or " Why". Express your hurt and pain without hurting others, remember they too have been affected in some way by the tragic accident. Remember that love is never lost and you can tune into that special love forever into the future.

If it was a very close family member who died under circumstances that you see to be not fair then remember that life is delicate and as soon as life is given it can be taken away. I do not want to discuss religion but I do want to say that there is a very big picture we are not able to see at the moment and that whatever happens no matter how tragic there is a reason. Sometimes many lessons are not learnt until much later but we do learn. It is hard to believe that behind every tragedy there is purpose but there is a higher authority that governs everything.

You must release your sorrow and grief so that you can continue your journey. Don't rush, take your time and let go so that you can move forward freely. Remember the love that was shared will never be lost.