Let life flow

Pain is the result of the unnatural flow of life. When we are in perfect harmony with life and love that we give we are in a position of right time, right place. Speaking in a physical sense there are times when life tends to fall into place and events work out in perfect timing. On a spiritual sense we have perfect thoughts about life and love of life and this is a mirror of the physical. What has just been described is perfect harmony and unfortunately pain is the result of when the balance of life is off.

Pain can be on a physical level such as back pain or it can be on an emotional level such as emotional loss. It is when the flow of life is not flowing properly that pain develops.

Wrong beliefs will always cause pain in some form because they work against the natural flow of life and it is that flow we find so hard to maintain. To stop and hinder the flow of life will cause pain and suffering. To block the flow of expression will cause pain, so express yourself. To be the true expression of yourself is what the flow of life will allow you to become. Pain will result if you stop what you know is true. To be true to yourself and live in your expression is being in the flow. To live a life that is not you is blocking the flow and will cause pain. Be yourself, love yourself, respect yourself and express yourself and the pain will go.

We are continually being tested and challenged to maintain correct beliefs and sometimes we stray from our path. Being out of balance the body finds it difficult to function and our thoughts will focus on negative aspects in our life. We must identify when we are not in the flow and try to correct our path so that life can run smoothly again.

Our thoughts and our physical body are connected so it is very important to consider both the physical body and our mental state. Illness is created by wrong beliefs and the choices we make. We can change our life so that we can step back into the natural flow of life by changing our beliefs. It may not happen overnight but in time the same process that put you in the situation you are experiencing pain now, can be used to take the pain away. The first place to start is your beliefs. Dissolve the negative beliefs towards yourself and the particular part of the body that is troubling you. Surround and nurture that body part with positive and loving thoughts. Visualise it and try to see it in your mind’s eye. This procedure should be repeated with all your negative thoughts as well. You should be positive and remember that you can change and the pain can be dissolved.

The link between the mind and your body must be acknowledged and there are many books on the subject that link illness to a particular belief that created it. There is not enough time to explain it here and now but be aware we are what we believe. Your thoughts are so powerful and they have a direct impact on your body and how it functions. Learn to love yourself, not 20% or 50% but 100%.

Special Note:
If you are currently on medication this procedure should be used in conjunction with your present treatment and in no way should you stop your present medication or treatment. Working with love and positive thinking will not harm in any way and can only help.